GPS tracking systems give law enforcement Police agencies the ability to leverage some of the most advanced technological tools to efficiently and effectively track and monitor criminal suspects and offenders. GPS trackers have not only been effective in fighting crime. It has also helped law enforcement agencies and Police departments enhance the efficiency and productivity of their vehicle fleet. Traditionally, police officers would have to physically follow or tail a vehicle for days, weeks or even months in order to record a suspect’s movements. However, with GPS tracking technology law enforcement agencies can attach a GPS tracking device onto a suspect’s vehicle and monitor their movements remotely in real time from virtually anywhere through an internet enabled computer or mobile electronic device, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet. This allows police departments the ability to devote more of their manpower and resources to other areas, without compromising the need for detailed time consuming investigative surveillance.

  •  Police Officer driver identification / RFID

  •  View offender tracking data using state of art Aerial maps

  •  Manage, address and document all alerts and actions taken by Police officers- Case Management

  •  View violations status of offenders in a color coded format- Offender Monitor

  •  Query system for detailed reports and program information

  •  Ability to search for GPS points of all tracked offenders

  •  View one or multiple offenders on a single mapping screen


Know where your vehicles and equipment are at all times with our real-time vehicle location feature.


Reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint and improve the accuracy of your records with paperless record keeping.


Utilizing GPS vehicle tracking improves transparency by increasing asset and vehicle visibility.

Record-Keeping and Compliance

Electronic trip and billing logs help reduce human error and are thus more accurate and verifiable than paper documents. Simplify compliance and improve your rate of claim acceptance with detailed electronic records keeping.

  •  Electronic Trip and Billing Logs

  •  Monitor Light and Siren Activity

  •  Monitor Seat Belt Usage

  •  Validate Medical Record

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