The cost of downtime to business, company reputation, customer experience and trust has never been higher. Given the constant and connected nature of software driven businesses, customers and users have grown to be less forgiving and fickler with their attention. An outage in a single service can impact all of its users. Let Smart Choice Solutions Limited take an enterprise look towards designing a smart disaster recovery solution that fits your business need.

Key capabilities for developing resiliency

1. Continuous backups

All key systems that serve traffic should be continuously backed up. In addition to being designed in a rest full manner, the data generated, updated and maintained by these services should be continuously backed up to a local, centralized or cloud-based disaster recovery system. Backups should be as frequent as possible while not impacting the service quality and performance of the system.

2. Continuous monitoring

All key systems that serve traffic should also be continuously monitored. This is critical to ensure that outages are detected as soon as possible and disaster recovery is put in motion immediately. Similar to backup, monitoring needs to be implemented on a system that is not impacted by the same outage that has hit the primary service.

3. Fail over

Once a disaster has been detected, reporting and confirmed, a failover process should be initiated that can spin up new servers with the ability to continue servicing any traffic. This is done by ensuring that the servers take on the roles of the servers impacted by the downtime.

4. Fail back

When the downtime is over and the underlying issues in the primary service environment have been diagnosed, fixed and confirmed fixed, a failback process should revert all services to the primary environment. Once the failback has been confirmed successful, failback servers can be reclaimed and destroyed.

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